Adarsh Gram Yojana

Adarsh Gram Yojana (AGY):
Activities for the development of villages in Aurangabad District from the Year 2015 -18.

Wockhardt Foundation launched ‘Adarsh Gram Yojana’ program in January, 2015 under which we adopt villages and gradually provide seven rural development initiatives - Literacy, Primary healthcare, Sanitation, Employment, Water security and purity, Electrification and Cleanliness. To start with, Wockhardt Foundation inaugurated its Mobile 1000 health van in Abdimandi village to provide1 00% health care services. In addition to this, in Abdimandi and other villages, following programs have been implemented with community participation during the year 2018-19.

1.Water security and purity: 

In order to have water security and purity, Wockhardt Foundation taken up activities as per needs expressed by village community and Gram Panchayat. New Pipeline of 3000 running feet length for drinking water supply from Mombatta Lake to water supply well at Abdimandi. It was found that, water was impure to drink; hence a sand filter of 10,000 litter’s capacity was made near the water supply well. Beside this, a RO water purification plant of having capacity of 2000 LPH is installed and handed over to Gram Panchayat for pure water supply to the villagers

of Abdimandi. In addition to this a RO water purification plant of 1000 LPH capacity was installed and handed over to Gram Panchayat of Maliwada village for pure water supply to the villagers ,911 families were benefited in Maliwada village.

During August, 2018 a water purification plant of 1000 LPH capacity was installed and handed over to Gram Panchayat Kesapuri village.  1,564 people of kesapuri village are getting benefit.


(Solid Waste Management) the need for genuine and organized initiatives in the waste management has been regularly voiced in village. With the emerging concern on large quantity of the waste being produced, both in the form of solid and liquid, the concept of waste management became one of the key focuses of sustainable development. To address the issue, Wockhardt Foundation initiated a community based waste management program in Abdimandi village. Waste bins were distributed to every house for Dry & Wet waste, a waste collection cart was donated to Grampanchayat by our Chair person.


Computer training centre was established as per requirement and need expressed by rural youth and women. Basic computer knowledge is being taught in computer centre. Around 492 youths and women are benefited till today. Addition to this, Spoken English classes were started to build confidence in youth and enhancement in their communication skill. Around 390 youths and women are benefited till today. Apart from this one E learning set was donated to school at Maliwada village for better education.

 During the 2018-19 following entrepreneurship development training were conducted for members of Self Help Groups. 1. Tailoring and Dressmaking 40 participants, Food Processing -20 participants and Mehandi 80 participants.

4.One time meal for Needy people:

In order to help to elderly, disabled, widows, dependent and needy people, onetime meal program was started from 9th February, 2016. 29 persons are benefited from the program in Abdimandi village. Total meals served to beneficiaries 29 x 365days x 3years =31,755 meals

Benificiaries of One Time Meal
5.Primary Health Care (Mobile 1000) : 

During the period from 2015 to 2018, numbers of villages covered under the program have increased up to 18 villages. Thus 24 villages benefited, no of beneficiaries in Abdimandi village are 21,256 and total no of beneficiaries in 24 villages are 1,07208.


Awareness and promotion of use of toilets and construction of toilets in villages.


Facilitating / follow up with government programs and if required to promote solar lights.

Community initiatives under Wockhardt Foundation’s Adharsh Gram Yojana to overcome water scarcity during 2016-17


“Together we will defeat the Drought”


During the year 2016-17, Wockhardt Foundation under Adharsh Gram Yojana initiated “Satat Jal” program with community participation which emphasis on De-silt and renovation of Nala and Water percolation tank near the village water supply well. Village farmers came together to widening, deepen and de-siltation to increase water holding capacity of existing / old water structures and recharge aquifer (underground layer of water).The “Satat Jal” Program completed in the 9 out of 21 adopted villages, namely Mandki, Maliwada, Mausala, Khirdi, Ghodegaon, Rasulpura, Apatgaon, Virangaon & Abdimandi. Water conservation structures renovated before monsoon season to store and recharge the aquifers (groundwater) having capacity of minimum one crore litters of water. 

In project area, average rainfall was from 546.7 to 689.1 mm during last monsoon (From June to September, 2016.) Each water structure was full of rainwater and recharged aquifers three times during monsoon season.

Result of the programme:

As a result, in project area of nine villages have plenty of drinking Water for around 3000 households.

Around 400 farmers could cultivate wheat crop and have sufficient food grains and fodder for their livestock.

Women in the villages are happy because they don’t have to walk long Distance in search of water and it reduced their drudgery. 

Community based water conservation initiatives have provided the villagers and farmers security against drinking water crisis and ensured gradual increase in livelihoods through rabbi season crops.

During the period from 2015 to 2018, Adarsh Gram Yojana expanded in the following 20 villages:

  • Maliwada

  • Bakapur

  • Mandki

  • Apatgaon

  • Mausala

  • Khirdi

  • Ghodegaon

  • Viramgaon

  • Kesapuri

  • Bhadji

  • Golegaon

  • Bhamurda

  • Dhudhad

  • Rasulpura

  • Gadhe Jalgaon

  • Khande Pimpalgaon

Village Development Plan (VDP) for these villages has been done through Village Micro Planning Process with participation of Village Gram Panchayat. Water Conservation was done in 10 Villages on priority and Primary Healthcare Program was given in all the Villages.

Inauguration of Community Base Water Purification Plant at Maliwada Village
Honourable Chairperson interacting with SHGs Members at Maliwada Village. 
Nala deepening and widening work before monsoon at Mandki village.
After rain, water conservation structure is full of water and aquifer recharge started. 
Contact Details:

Mr. Hemanshu Brahma

Programme Head



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