“Build Your Careers With Wockhardt Foundation"

Let me tell you the biggest 7 differences between Wockhardt Foundation and any other organization :


Truly, I ruffle your feathers sometimes citing lack of speed. But, we are faster than anyone else. Decisions are never kept pending.


We are clear on our mission and goals. There is clarity as to the way forward.


We do things with love because the Inner Circle comprise people who have the depth of love. They have been selected by me specially keeping their love in mind.


Co-operation happens at all levels. Politics is hardly ever resorted to and not tolerated by me. Political groupism beside friendship is not encouraged

5. JOY

We all feel immense joy in our work. We work with the depth of passion and without ill will or ill feeling towards the leadership or others.


There is an unheard level of transparency in our organization where the activities of everyone are known to everyone including the CEO. Infact, even the ratings have the pen mark of each Inner Circle warrior.


There is humility at all levels where we seek forgiveness for our mistakes. We are never too great to learn nor too big to ask for forgiveness. Not many organizations can boast about this.

Be proud to serve Wockhardt Foundation. It is the best. Carry this pride with humility.
"I love Wockhardt Foundation"

- Sir Dr. Huz (Huzaifa Khorakiwala)

Why Wockhardt Foundation ?