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Khel Khel Mein

Khel Khel Mein is a unique initiative of Wockhardt Foundation, comprising of Edu Recreational Centres for the underprivileged children aged 6 to 12 years


Values and good habits through fun and play

"People talk about leaving a better planet for our children. But how about leaving better children for our planet?" This is what we plan to do at Khel Khel Mein

The Need
  • To teach human values and good habits

  • Edu-toys for underprivileged children

  • Books for basic learning and reading

  • Inculcate civic sense

  • Learning abilities

  • Recreation

  • Social skills

  • Health benefits

  • Qualified and trained teachers

  • Friendship bonds

  • Joy and hope


Khel Khel Mein today operates 1 Edu Recreational Toy library for the underprivileged children in slums of Mumbai (Worli Koliwada Centre)


To donate, pls get in touch with Ms. Jennifer Bhatia at

Contact Details:
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