This program in Health Care have made a perceptible change in the lives of the underprivileged patients suffering from end stage medical renal disease across India

Our diverse group of experts works with you and your primary care provider to attend to every facet of your renal care and rehabilitation, including diet, exercise, medication and more.

We understand how frightening medical renal problems can be; how even as you could survive on dirt, inappropriative water intake and maintenance dialysis

Dialysis in India

End Stage Renal Disease continues to be a result of existing and emerging burden of non-communicable disease. Providing for renal transplant facilities for ESRD patients depends upon availability of infrastructure and robust organ donation system coupled with adequate availability of trained qualified manpower. Within the limited choices, dialysis practically remains the first and in majority of cases, the only choice for ESRD patients.

 Every year about 2.2 Lakh new patients of End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) get added in India resulting in additional demand for 3.4 Crore dialysis every year.

With approximately 4950 dialysis centers, largely in the private sector in India (about 90%) the demand is less than half met with existing infrastructure. Since every Dialysis has an additional expenditure tag of about Rs.2500, it results in expenditure for patients to the tune of Rs.3-4 Lakhs annually.

Besides, most families have to undertake frequent trips, and often over long distances to access dialysis services incurring heavy travel costs and loss of wages for the patient and family members accompanying the patient.


Wockhardt Foundation (WF) come forward with the expression of interest to install, implement, operate and manage full- fledged state of art medical nephro dialysis units.

Existing Location:  176 Machines, 15 Centers
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Dr. R. Sriram

Medical Director.