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Employees Speak

Views on Wockhardt Foundation: Best of the statements given by employees
Speaker:- Goura Patnaik
  1. Wockhardt Foundation is Knowldge center and Service center for humanbeing
  2. It Gives guidelines about Human Behavior towards society.
  3. It's main aim is to serve poor,week and needy people. Wockhardt Foundation's main moto is to give knowledge and service to the society.
Speaker:- Dattatri Pamu
  1. Wockhardt Foundation works towards creating a better life today and tomorrow for socially & economically underprivileged section of society and I do my bit
  2. Here at Wockhardt Foundation we blend social initiatives with technology with the use of social media to make our vision of "Developed India: A shared dream" to life.
  3. We follow human values which form the foundation of our organization that drives us towards one common goal of peace. We practice what we preach
Speaker:- Ajay Somvanshi
  1. It's the kind of place where the list of "Top Reasons to Work at Wockhardt Foundation" is created by Warriors, not by some agency."
  2. The Inspiration-Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala is one of the Best leader,Boss anybody could ever wish for. There is Love,Respect for Peers and yet a competative atmosphere. It`s the best place to cross-learn and where your new ideas are looked upon and valued.
  3. As our Foundation grows, so do the opportunities. By starting with our expanding Foundation, the sky’s the limit. The potential for growthin any position is wide-open. Each year brings new success and new challenges. In our case, our success and challenges go hand-in-hand for our future. Our collegues enjoy working in the fast-paced environments while knowing they can count on Integro to provide a work-environment that still honors and respects integrity.
Speaker:- Denis Varghese
  1. Wockhardt Foundation is a source of happiness for me.
  2. I'm with Wockhardt Foundation because I truly believe that I'm playing my part towards making India, a better place.
  3. Wockhardt Foundation has Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala as its leader, who is pure of heart & a wonderful human being. An organisation is only as good as its leader.
Speaker:- Shreya Thakur
  1.  Seal of Trust - headed by a Sir who has a strong feeling to serve the unprivileged people and love for Mankind,who believes in conquering the world with his 7 human values i.e Gratitude, Forgiveness, Love, Humility, Giving,Patience, Truth.
  2. A platform and the opportunity provided to all of us to serve the humanity and its mankind.
  3. The existence ,belief and the faith is for the noble causes but most important is to make foundation known by its values.
Speaker:- Dr. Tausif Jalal
  1. It is an honour and privilege for me to serve Wockhardt Foundation, the only place where Inspirational Human Values are preached, practiced and shared to all mankind by our Inspiration and Mentor Huzaifa Sir.
  2. The Wockhardt Foundation Mission to reach out to all humanity, the poor and needy and those in need through the programmes of the Wockhardt Foundation."Service to Man is Service to God."
  3. The Passion, Love and Joy in the Wockhardt Foundation Team, to serve and to grow under the Love, Trust and Guidance of our Inspiration and Mentor Huzaifa Sir.
Speaker:- Khozem Electricwala
  1. Wockhardt Foundation is a light of hope to the poor, weak and needy section of the society.
  2. Human Values form the base of Wockhardt Foundation, which are very essential for me and people out here in this world.
  3. Its healing for the soul. So, Wockhardt Foundation heals body as well as soul.
Speaker:- Savanna D'Penha
  1. It gives me great pleasure to be a part of Wockhardt Foundation as its basic & core functioning is based on the actual implementation of Human Values.
  2. Its also a place where the warriors are dedicated in their mission to serve the less fortunate people in society.
  3. Wockhardt Foundation is an organization dedicated to the upliftment of the poor & weak sections of society.
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