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Naya Daur

Why AI?

(Artificial Intelligence is Everywhere!)

The ability of AI to interpret data, act intelligently, take decisions and carry out tasks, like a human, makes it the most important change force on earth. AI is not just impacting our everyday life, it is also transforming all industries. It is the core of the fourth industrial revolution and will dominate all industries…. Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Automation, Customer Service, Manufacturing etc.


(Aligned to Curriculum)

1) Remove the myth that computer programming is only for adults

2) Make Children understand that only their interest level matters

3) Eliminate the fear of coding

4) Stimulate the interest to experiment beyond the course period

5) Upskilling of teachers

6) Equip them to contest in various coding contests conducted by tech giants

7) Explore their potential and scale the heights of technology

8) Learn AI & Coding concepts through core subject integration, games & Puzzles

9) Learn & master coding concepts like sequencing, conditions, loops, events and functions

10) Enable children to not only be the consumer but also become creators

Contact Details:

Mr. Khozema Electricwala
Programme Head - Hunger Project

Contact: 9820203514



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