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Humanity Class

​Humanity Class is a unique educational initiative by Wockhardt Foundation, wherein students in their formative years are tutored in the core elements of human values and their inseparable integration with personality development.


To impart value-education to students on well defined facets of human behavior starting from Std 1 all the way up to Std 10, at times extending up to Std 12


Formal, text-book driven education in schools, be they private or government-owned, is singularly lacking in creating awareness of the vital elements that comprise humanity in children, without which we will fail to bring up future citizens of high caliber and build a healthy nation of strong and sound human values


Students will be initiated into value-based behavior right from the tender age of 5 years and followed through their formative years till they enter college or join the mainstream of society. With the kind of inputs we give through Humanity Class, we are confident of raising men and women of high moral values that will set an example to fellow humans and also do proud to their parents, teachers and peers.

  • This will be a yearly course of 10 hr duration

  • Target groups: students of Std 1 to 10, extendable to Std 12

  • Course curriculum: a mix of 10 humanities subjects as listed below

  • Each subject will be covered in one hour

  • Each session will comprise 2/3 teaching / pedagogy and 1/3 self-learning

  • Course content: theory, practical lessons, role plays, small books, printouts

  • This will be a live course administered by a trained teacher (not an e-course)

  • A standardized training will be given to all teachers and their grasp of the subjects will be evaluated by suitable tests before they are inducted into the program

  • Evaluation / merit recognition at the end of the course

  • The course will be rolled out in as many schools as possible

  • Sustainability: through sponsorships, donations, school funds, govt funds or any other appropriate source

List of humanities subjects
  1. Human values

  2. Equality

  3. Child rights

  4. Citizenship

  5. Patriotism

  6. Attitude

  7. Happiness

  8. Tolerance

  9. Care

  10. Helpfulness

Contact Details:

Mr. Jitesh Rambhia

Programme Head



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