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Jeev Seva

The Constitution of India, in its Article 51A(g), mandates that it shall be the Fundamental Duty of every citizen to have compassion for living creatures.


In respect of this Constitutional provision, Wockhardt Foundation has recommitted itself to the service and well-being of animals through our programme Jeev Seva.

Jeev Seva strives to enable the well-being of animals in three ways -

  1. Jeev Seva Pashu RugnaVahikas (Veterinary Ambulances) 

  2. Jeev Seva Veterinary Mobile Medical Clinics 

  3. Public Awareness

The medical services will be available to all domestic and farm animals.

Wockhardt Foundation, the philanthropy arm of Wockhardt Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals, has successfully been using its medical expertise to provide free health services to the people of India. Through Jeev Seva we now proudly provide the same to animals in our country.

Contact Details:
Dr. Sindhujaa Iyengar
Programme Head- Jeev Seva




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