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jiva wockhardt foundation NGO
JIVA-Sanitary-Napkins wockhardt foundation NGO

Mission is to improve Menstrual Healthcare for women and adolescent girls by providing low cost,eco-friendly, Disinfectant sanitary napkins 


There are Roughly 355million menstruating women in India
Only 12% use sanitary napkins and 88% women use other options including mud, ash, leaves, grass, rags, cloth etc which causes serious health hazard to women health.


To provide low cost,eco-friendly, Disinfectant sanitary napkins 


Features of JIVA:

  • Disinfectant

  • Eco-friendly

  • Cost effective

  • Prevent Odour

  • Super Absorbent (90 ml -100ml)

  • Leak proof lining

  • Adjustable Band with size

Contact Details:

Ms. Scherezaad Panthaki

Programme Head


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