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Pronto Bio-Toilet

Biotoilet wockhardt foundation NGO

“To ensure Pure Waste Discharge from a toilet, thus playing a critical role in preventable healthcare”

The Need

According to UNICEF & WHO estimates –

1/7th of the World population still openly defecate in the absence of Toilets. Of these, 60% live in India
The Global impact of poor sanitation on Human & Infant Health is profound.

It is estimated that 10 Million Children die under the age of 5, die Globally yearly due to improper Sanitation. Of these, 2.4 Million Children belong to India

The Solution 

A complete Solid Waste Management Solution - Bio Toilets! 

100% Sludge – Free Disposal of Human Waste / Eliminates need for Manual Scavenging
Decomposes Solid Waste to Water & Bio Gas
100% Hazard Free
100% Maintenance Free
Functions efficiently at sub zero – 55 Degrees Centigrade
Plays a critical role in Preventable Healthcare as the Bio Toilet eliminates disease causing pathogens completely!
There is virtually NO known place where installation of Bio Toilets is not beneficial!

Composition of Bio Toilets

  1. Pre-Fabricated Structure – Above the Ground

  2. Bio-Digester Tank – Below the Ground

  3. Solar Panel – for sub zero temperature regions


  1. Stationary Toilet (ST) Series:

   Standard Options available in 4, 2 & 1 Pan

   Customized Configuration available

biotoilet variants wockhardt foundation NGO

2. Mobile Toilet (MT) Series:

Cluster of Toilet Cabins (upto 10 cabins), as per requirement, is mounted on Tractor Trailer / Jeep Trailer / Truck

Each Mobile toilet has a 1000 Litre Syntex Water Tank mounted on the Trailer to supply water to all the cabins

mobile biotoilet wockhardt foundation NGO
Application of Bio-Toilets

Himalayan Regions, Glaciers, Railway Coaches, Buses, Highways, Rural Areas, Households, Village Central Points, Sea Ports, Air Ports, Industrial & Mining Areas, Metro Cities, Educational Institutions, Pilgrimage sites, Slums or any Toilet having Septic Tanks

Normal Toilets v/s Bio Toilets
biotoilet wockhardt foundation NGO

Usage of Bio Toilets yields the following savings –

biotoilet benifits wockhardt foundation NGO
Contact Details:

Mr. Ajhay Somvanshi

COO - Wockhardt Foundation

Mobile:    9769721225



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