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Wockhardt Foundation Hospital Management Services


Hospital Management services are designed to enhance the quality and increase the efficiency of existing hospitals, build, operate and maintain new facilities with benchmarking clinical outcomes and development of policies and procedures to run a hospital effectively.

Services we can offer 
  • Management of Primary Health Centre

  • Management of Community Health Centre

  • Management of District Hospital

  • Management of Specialty Hospital

  • Management of Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre

  • General Hospital On wheels for Union Govt. / State Govt.

  • Dialysis on wheels

  • Vision on wheels

  • Dental care on wheels.

Other Services In Hospital management 
  • Sourcing State of art equipments for district hospitals

  • Establishing Cathlab , Modular theatre , ICU, Dialysis wards

  • Housekeeping And Security services for hospitals.

  • Human resource Management

  • Laboratory and blood bank Establishment and management

  • Medical Record maintenance service.

  • Diet , Nutrition and laundry services

  • Establishment of Pharmacy

Primary Health Centre 

The main aim of this programme is to improve the quality standards of PHCs & Healthcare Providers (ISO standard of quality in healthcare).

The programme aims to efficiently manage PHCs up to 10 Bedded facility to tackle medical emergencies, poisoning, first Aid for trauma, Antenatal & Maternity Services promoting institutional delivery and family planning

Management of Community Health Centre

The Community Health Centers (CHCs) constitute the secondary level of health care, with 20 to 30 beds were designed to provide referral as well as specialist health care to the rural population

To provide optimal specialized care to the community and achieve and maintain an acceptable standard of quality of care

Management of District Hospital

Health systems are often organized in a “hub-and-spoke” arrangement, with a large district hospital with 50 to 100 beds (the hub) having more and better-trained personnel and better equipment than more peripheral clinics (the spokes)

Clinical care with distinct departments like - General Dentistry, Ophthalmology, ENT, Orthopedics, Mother & Child Care, Intensive Care Unit, NICU, Operation theatre It will have other support systems required for these services like pharmacy, Laboratory, and Imaging facility

Management of Specialty Hospital

The development of specialty hospitals with 200 beds are those that are primarily or exclusively engaged in the care and treatment of:

  • Patients with a cardiac condition,

  • Patients with an orthopedic condition, & serious Trauma

  • Patients receiving a surgical procedure

  • Managing high risk patients in Intensive Care

  • Neuro Surgical Procedures

  • State of art Diagnostic and Imaging facilities

  • Diet , Nutrition and laundry services

  • Establishment of Pharmacy

Management of Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre

Nutrition Rehabilitation Center (NRC) is a unit in a health facility where children with Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) are admitted and managed and reduce mortality among children.

Children are admitted as per the defined admission criteria and provided with medical and nutritional therapeutic care.

To build the capacity of mothers and other care givers inappropriate feeding and caring practices for infants and young children

To identify the social factors that contributed to the child slipping into severe acute malnutrition

General Hospital On wheels

Operational Management and Monitoring of Hospital On Wheels (HOW) for Union Government/State Government 

“The primary objective of the HOWs is to provide healthcare services to the needy in remote areas at their door steps 

Dialysis on wheels

Mobile Dialysis Unit (MDU) serves the dialysis needs of patients at their doorstep.

With MDU, treatment of the patient who is unable to reach hospital and require permanent chronic Dialysis is possible at his preferred location.

The MDU includes a vehicle fully equipped with all the machinery and accessories required to perform a standard Hemodialysis

Vision on wheels

The Mobile Eye Screening Service is a fleet of mobile units fully equipped with necessary ophthalmic equipments and instruments which will contribute a great deal to the prevention of blindness in this country by providing screening for signs of sight threatening disease as well as refractive errors.

Our Mobile Eye Care program is addressing this issue by delivering an eye clinic program with optometrists

This program is free and It’s also provides outreach education about eye care for community groups in the region.

Dental care on wheels (DCW)

Mobile and portable dental services catering to the basic oral health needs of the underserved population.

Mobile Dental Care on Wheels are specifically designed and built for the modern mobile dentist to provide on--site dental services in both urban and remote rural areas, as well as to serve as support ancillary facilities to the operations of existing organizations.

They act as the first form of exposure to educate the rural people and alleviate them of their oral health care needs. DCWs is also a mean of comprehensive oral health care provider

  • Mission or Trust Hospital requiring effective management services

  • Poorly managed government hospitals willing for outsourcing hospital management services in Private public partnership through expression of interest or Tender

  • New Hospital infrastructure requiring Efficient Hospital Management Services for day to day Management operations

  • Hospitals requiring only Hospital management information system

  • Hospitals requiring support in implementing quality management to obtain NABH accreditation

Contact Details:

Dr. R Sriram

Programme Head


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