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Zab Bag


Aim: Empowering students in rural India with basic infrastructure to enable them to study effectively and thus, improve their quality of education & access to opportunities.


Quality and access to education is the major concern in rural schools as there are lack of proper text books and learning material in the schools.

Students in rural areas, lack access to basic educational infrastructure, as basic as a desk & bag. Most of the students in rural schools of India sit down on floor for long studying hours. 9 in 10 people face posture related problems and back injuries at some point of time in their life. Sitting on floor and studying for 6-8 hours affects posture, resulting in back pain, poor eye sight, inefficiency to concentrate and study.

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ZAB (Bag cum Desk)

ZAB is an intelligently designed school bag, helps children carry their books, belonging, irrespective of the weather conditions. The same bag with no mechanics transforms into a school desk. The desk offers an appropriate angle for students to write and read, thus ensuring to maintain an ergonomic posture while studying.

zab bag donor wockhardt foundation NGO

1. Rugged and Water Proof Design – The material used for manufacturing this bag is Polypropylene which enhances the strength and life of the bag. The bag retains its colour and shape with abuse use over a long period. The sling strap is made of strong material to withstand abuse usage by children. 

2. Use as Desk – The bag has an ergonomically designed angle for the child to write without any strain to the wrist. This was studied in the village with actual usage by the children.

3. Innovative Integrated construction – This low cost concept was developed to ensure that this school bag + desk can be adapted immediately in rural villages. Both the top and bottom piece of the bag is the same and made out of one manufacturing process. The latch and hinge is also integrated into the single piece construction. 

4. Book Stopper – The bag has an integrated feature which, when used as a desk prevents the book or paper from sliding down without clamping.

5. Feature Enhancement – 

The construction of the school bag + desk has provisions to enhance it with features to add a solar lamp or integrate a pencil/pen holder. It can also be customized to be made in any colours. 

6. Branding benefits & Good will: – Bag will feature donor’s logo prominently on the frontal facade which will enhance donors branding and create good will among beneficiaries

zab bag benefits wockhardt foundation NGO
Social Investment

 Please contact Programme Head for any query

Success Story

Till date, 4552 number of ZAB Bags have been distributed in various rural schools located in different villages. The use of ZAB bag has benefited around 23080 number of students population.

The interactive bag cum desk has resulted students to carry their school stuff easily and making it comfortable for the students to read and write their work without any difficulty.

zab bag wockhardt foundation NGO
zab bag wockhardt foundation NGO
zab bag wockhardt foundation NGO
zab bag wockhardt foundation NGO
Contact Details:

Dr. Tausif Jalal

Programme Head



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