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Walking is a great cardio exercise at zero cost

Fitness enthusiasts are often obsessed with fat around the legs and belly and are willing to pay a fortune to get rid of it even if it is just a few grams. Often this behaviour trait leads to unreasonable beliefs and practices which have no scientific validity at all. For instance, there are gadgets galore that claim to get rid of this adipose tissue by spot reduction without having to put in an iota of physical effort, e.g. giving mild electric shocks to the abdomen to stimulate the muscles to get rid of the fat, which in fact belongs to the realm of mythology as it gives you the comforting feeling that something is actually being done to the affected part of the anatomy.

Then there are commercial cum proprietary diets galore which will lure you with outlandish pictures of the tantalising outcome after just a few days of following them. There are also “professional” trainers and institutes and spas that will promise you the moon in a week only to leave you high and dry with a big hole in your pocket, however deep it may be.

Amidst this cacophonous bedlam of ill-conceived efforts and imbecile myths, we all forget one simple basic fact that our own God-given limbs are extremely good at doing something which expensive gadgets and rituals cannot. God gave our hands and feet to work with and work on, all at zero cost and Bingo, your unwanted fat vanishes like a Houdini act.

According to fitness experts, walking is an excellent way to get rid of excess fat on your legs. Surprisingly, walking can help you burn a high number of calories. It is believed that brisk regular walking can prevent or help you lose belly fat, which increases your risk of heart disease and other serious health problems that can affect your quality of life. According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, published by the Department of Health and Human Services, you need to do a 30-minute brisk walk five days a week to reduce belly fat. 

While walking is a low-intensity cardio that is considered best for getting rid of excess fat on your legs, the exercise is also a great tool for reducing visceral fat. However, you need to know the right technique in order to yield optimal benefits from this exercise. It is also important to understand that you must do longer power walks to burn more fat and help you get lean legs and burn belly fat quickly. Truth is, the more you exercise, the more fat you will burn. 

Walking is a great workout for everyone - it can be done anytime and at any place, but to get the best results, try to walk first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up, or you have not eaten anything for at least a few hours. An ideal fitness program for overall weight loss should include a combination of all of types of workouts, such as walking, running, and resistance training. In addition to this, you must eat a nutritious, balanced diet and lead a healthy lifestyle to lose weight and stay fit. (adapted from TNN; accessed 28 October 2018)


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